Does the media use subliminal advertising as a tool for mind control?

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Media these days, whether print or electronic, is being used by the general population as a tool to stay informed. Whether someone wants to get up to date with the latest events around the world or just wants to find out if their favorite team has won, media is the way to go. We trust the media to keep the whole world updated and connected. But, is the media exploiting our blind trust by subconsciously manipulating us through subliminal advertising? Firstly, what is subliminal advertising? It is a technique in which the consumer is exposed to product or brand advertising such as pictures or songs related to the product without the consumer being consciously aware of it. This may include ads during the airing of different sports matches or …show more content…
This experiment was conducted by James M. Vicary, who was a psychologist and marketing researcher. In the experiment, the words “drink Coca Cola” and “eat popcorn” were projected on the screen for 1/3,000 of a second during the screening of movies. After the experiment, there were numerous reports in the news regarding the results which stated that there was an increase in the sales of popcorn and Coke after the experiment began. Although these results were not given much credibility due to the absence of a control group, the exposure of this experiment made people realise that they were being targeted subconsciously.
A big component of subliminal advertising is repetitive advertising. This method has been used a lot in the past and is still being used today. Examples of this can be found all around us. If you turn on the television these days. you will see commercials for a specific product multiple times during a short period of time. This strategy is applied in order to reinforce the image of that product in the consumer’s mind. If a person sees a commercial a few times, then he or she may or may not buy the product. Their behaviour will depend totally on the fact that did they like what they saw in the commercial or not. But if they are shown the commercial again and again, then they become curious about the product and this is enough to initiate a trial purchase. A.S.C. Ehrenberg, a professor of
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