Dog Abuse Is Wrong?

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Dog Abuse is wrong because it its cruel to the animal. There are a lot of different types of dog abuse including physical, mental, and emotional abuse. Each type of abuse causes different types of pain to the dog. People do these cruel acts for a variety of different reasons. Dog Abuse is when a dog is beaten physically or mentally abused by verbal communication. “98% of Americans consider pets to be companions and members of the family” (American Humane Society 1).This means most pets aren 't just considered animals they actually think of them as part of the family. Dogs are the most populated pet in the United States. Dog abuse happens for many different reasons a dog may be kicked in the head from barking too much. If a dog is being disobedient they may be smacked or hit. Some dog owners may lock their dog up for extremly long periods of time for peeing in the house or making a mess. Dog abuse can be traced back literally to ancient times, the British used dogs for entertainment and they fought wild boars and bulls. Along with the actual fighting within the pit was the harsh conditions they were kept in while waiting to enter the pit to fight animals that were two or three times their size, and sometimes even bigger. It then became to spread across Europe and then on from there. There was a very slim chance that the dog would come out alive in those fights and when they did it was primarily by luck. Dog abuse is important in many ways, the main reason is because it

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