Dog And Book Analysis

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I believe dogs and books are both significant, especially in times of our sorrow. We have dogs who are loving and compassionate, and books which are best described to be our “ultimate escape.” To begin with, the author of the article, Christie Blatchford brings to our attention that humans can not solve all of our problems. “They mean to say the right thing, the comforting thing, but they say the wrong thing.” In my opinion, Blatchford’s perspective on human’s is true, as we are far from perfect. We don't always say the right things only because we haven't experienced scenarios our peers may have. However, when we have a friendly creature such as dogs, it's best they cannot talk, just comfort us by cuddling. This is what makes a dog is…show more content…
Not only are they loving, but they are also very impactful in a sense they shape us to be better humans. They show us to forgive easily. You accidentally step on a dog's tail but as you soon as you pet them with compassion, all is forgiven. A lot of dog owners are able to relate and think, “if my own dog can forgive easily, then I should too!” On the other hand, books are not living creatures who we can cuddle with. Instead, they are knowledgeable sources that teach us life lessons maybe our peers can’t touch on. A lesson I found in the article, “you stick with what brung you.” This quote is clearly telling us that we should pay fealty to those who have gone out of their way to look after us. As we can see, I've interpreted a quote best for my learning and understanding. Speaking of understanding, not many people comprehend how we think and function. That is why books come in all styles, genres and messages. So that we choose a book that best reflects the type of people we are. For example, you may love books about romance because you are the romantic type. In conclusion, life is a road that can sometimes lead to a dead
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