Dog Descriptive Essay

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We were missing a very important part of our family. Growing up we always had a dog in our house and after she passed away it left an empty hole in our family. So we started to look for dogs that we could adopt. We found a dog on a website and instantly fell in love with his picture. However they did not have much information about the dog named #199. The only information on the website about this dog was that they thought he was a collie/whippet mix, male, playful, and is about ten months old. After we turned in the application, we went to the shelter to meet him. We started the travel to Scott County Animal Shelter.
When we arrived, she asked us a few questions, then brought us into a room, and asked us to wait and she will return with the dog. It felt like forever sitting in that beige wall and floor box with a door and a window. We anxiously awaited meeting our new dog. My mom and I sat in that blank room with four chairs and waited to the shelter employee to return. The whole time I was sitting waiting I was thinking about how great it would be to have a dog in our home again. However, my thoughts were interrupted when all of the sudden a cute brown, white, and black puppy entered the room. My heart leaped when I saw him because he was very excited and I have such high expectations of taking him home. Seeing that he was small, I quickly sat on the floor without thinking. He quickly and happily walked through our door and came directly over where I was sitting and
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