Dog Doesn T Like Me Essay

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What’s one of the most amazing things in the world? Having a dog that you could cuddle and shower with affection, of course. But do you sometimes feel that the relationship between you and the dog is one-sided?
Are you just imagining things or your dog actually doesn’t like you? How can you tell if your dog doesn’t like you? If those questions are running around your head, read on to find the answers.
Why my dog doesn’t like me?
It’s difficult to find the exact answer to this question because sadly we can’t make the dog talk and tell us what’ve done wrong. It could be any number of reasons.
Maybe you remind your pet of someone who abused him when he was a small puppy. That’s a real possibility if he is a rescue dog, so proceed with caution when interacting with him until
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It’s a sign of fear and submission.
#5 He prefers spending time with someone else
You come home to find your beloved pet snuggling with your kids on the sofa. But when you try to join the fun the dog takes off immediately. Or you start to notice that Buddy is following your wife/husband around but wouldn’t even spare you a glance? Well, that’s a pretty good indication that the dog doesn’t like you very much.
What to do to make my dog like me?
It’s important that you build a good relationship with your dog. He has to connect your present with positive, amazing things. Take him for walks, feed him, give him treats, play with him, groom him, and you’ll see a change in his behavior. If someone else is doing these things, he is the one who's earning your dog's affection.

It’s heartbreaking to have a dog that doesn’t like you or who is constantly afraid of you. If you are patient, you can change his. Show him love, and he will respond to you in time. Just never punish your dog for his behavior towards you or you'll make it worse.

Does your dog love you? How does he show it? Have you ever owned a dog who didn’t like
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