Dog Food Choices. By Lori Kniff| Submitted On October 15,

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Dog Food Choices
By Lori Kniff | Submitted On October 15, 2011

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Our dogs are our special friends, our companions. They rely on us to provide them with a loving home where they can feed safe, and they can get the best care we can afford. To do this, we need to feed them good food.

There are many opinions about dog food, what is good and what is bad. The media often provides us with huge amounts of advertising
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Is it beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, geese, or duck or some other animal? Is this ingredient human grade or leftovers from some processing source? The meat source is unknown.

• Meal: Meat meal or poultry meal still does not specify the protein source. Meal means the water has been removed so you get a more condensed product, but the animal is not specified, and is the animal source palatable for our pets? If it says 'chicken meal ', 'turkey meal ', or some other specific animal meal, that is good quality.

• Rendered meat: These meats can be any meat from animals that are dead, diseased, dying or disabled. The animals may have some medicines or chemicals in them before they are processed. These should not be eaten by our pets.

• By-products: This term is misleading because you don 't know what the by-products are from. It could be hoofs, beaks, ears, etc. It is unknown. Not too edible!

• Grains: Grains are often fillers and they do not have good protein value for our dogs. Our pets need more meat, such as beef, chicken, turkey, salmon, etc. Grains like corn, wheat, corn gluten, or wheat gluten are not good for dogs because dogs can be allergic to these grains. Other grains such as oats or barley are okay. The grains, however, should not be listed within the top 4 or 5 ingredients.

• Animal fat: Again, from which
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