Dog Hamster Fact Sheet

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Normal Biological Information: The most common pet hamster is the Syrian, also known as the golden hamster or teddy bear hamster. Adult Weight · Male: 85-130 grams · Female: 95-150 grams Sexual maturity · Syrian hamster may reproduce before he's even a month old, with 3 weeks being the minimum age. Litter size · Baby hamster are called pups they have an average of 5-9 pups (depending on the subspecies) Gestation · Gestation period: 16 - 30 days (depending on the subspecies) Life-Span · 2-3 years Rectal Temperature · 37.0-38.5 C Heart Rate · 300–600 bpm Respiration Rate · 35-130 rpm General behavior: Hamsters are nocturnal, being most active at dawn and dusk, but their schedule can be modified a few…show more content…
5.Water- Of course. Water bottles are preferred over dishes because the dishes are easily upset, flipped over and fouled. Restraint: Males are more dominant over females. Minimum restraint is need, and can be handled with little stress to the animal and the handler. Removing a hamster can be done with a small cup. When in the cup, they can be scooped out with your hands or be grasped by the loose skin over the shoulders, behind the neck. To retrain, place the hamster down on a table, the palm of the hand in placed down over the hamster with the thumb near their head. Excess skin is gathered into your hand until the body is up against your fingers. This allows the hamster to be immobile and not injure the handler. Sexing: Female hamsters have teats on either side of the abdomen with 2 holes close together; the lower hole is the anus while the other is the female sexual opening. Male hamsters on the other hand have 2 holes’ father apart; the lower hole is the anus and the other is the male sexual organ. Males also will have testicles below the anus. Injection
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