Dog High Play Analysis

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A Play by Desiree Chrun and Dianne Lam

Desiree Chrun and Dianne Lam
Mrs. Love Hillard
Creative Writing
19 January 2016
LUCY LOMAN, interior designer in her mid-20’s who wants to make a breakthrough on her Netflix show
CAESAR, a 3 year old talking German Shepherd that currently lives in the home of her current project

Client’s home near Rocky Mountain National Park. Present time.

Lights up to reveal LUCY sitting on the living room floor with a notepad, frustratedly sketching a new design plan. Repeatedly tearing and throwing away sketches.

I can’t seem to get the right design I need! This is way harder than I thought it would be. UGHHHHH!
(LUCY tears another
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can I do to help?

How do you want your “room” to look? I was planning on a dog hotel styled room with a purple theme.

No no no, not purple, maybe blue! What do I look like to you? A female puppy?
My apologies, well let me ask you this. How would you like your dream room to look? What is your vision?
(LUCY grabs her notepad and pencil, waiting readily for CAESAR to reply.)

Let’s totally do the -ruff! dog hotel styled room. But how would you like to incorporate that?

You tell me, Mr. Know It All. What do you think?

Mr. Know It All, you’re funny. Ru-ruff. You want to know what I truly want? How about a golden statue of me? Oh oh oh, what about a golden dog bone… oh oh oh what about BOTH! Ruff ruff ruff ruff!

You have grand ideas for a dog. What’s up with all the golden items though?

Shiny… so so shiny…

Well now I know you’re somewhat dog. I think we can do those things. Your owners did say I didn’t have a budget and I could do whatever I wanted. Any other ideas?

Can I get a new bed? A nice big fluffy one. With lots of feathers. I love feathers. They’re so soft.

Sure thing bud.

All the neighbors dogs are going to be barking at the door all day trying to get in this
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