Dog In The Night

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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time Theatre Analysis
On the 26th of April, we went to see the ‘Curious incident of the dog in the night time’ directed by Marianne Elliot. The play took place at Gielgud theatre in London which has been there for 110 years, we went to see it on the 26th of April 2016. The theatre was a large space that could have seated around 3,000 people. The overall impression of the play was quite strange because it followed the mind of a teenager suffering from Asperger’s syndrome. It contained multiple scenes of physical theatre however it wasn’t naturalistic. This is because the audience aren’t meant to feel like it’s real as they are looking the mind of a teenager suffering from Asperger’s syndrome. Altogether
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A scene that showed physical theatre was where Christopher first meets Mrs Alexander. During this scene, there is a conversation between the two of them and then she goes inside to get something for him. They used physical theatre to exaggerate the features of an old aged pensioner by making her look slower than an actual person would walk. The ensemble contributed to this by doing fast and sudden movements to give the effect of time passing by, Keating also contributed to this by doing the same movements. During this period, Mrs Alexander walked at a very slow pace and taking elongated steps to make it look like she was walking a lot slower than she would do to add contrast into this scene and exaggerate these features to the audience. This had the effect of showing how Christopher sometimes exaggerates things from what they really are. This added to his character, his personality and developed what the audience’s perspective on him was. Another scene where physical theatre is used to help create effect is when Christopher is on the train going to London. Every time there is the sound of them shuddering or bumping on the train track all the ensemble on the train as well as Christopher move in the same direction as if they are getting pushed to the side. This helped to make the audience believe that they are on a
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