Dog Is Man 's Best Friend

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Dog is Man’s Best Friend The image that I chose was a photograph taken by a woman named Elena Shunilova. The photo was taken of her child and their family dog. To me, this image is beautiful. In the center, there is a young boy kneeling down next to a very large dog. It appears to be just transition to winter from autumn. The ground is still brown but snow is faintly falling around the boy and dog. The young boy is wearing a navy blue snow outfit with tan fur accents around the hood and in a ball on top of his hat. His eyes are closed as he is embracing the large dog sitting next to him. It seems to be cold out based on his rosy red cheeks against his very pale skin. The dog stands tall and appears to be older than the boy by the matting in the cream colored fur on his chest. He is black around the jowls as well as his eyes and ears. If the boy were to stand tall next to him, he would barely be taller. The dog’s eyes are also closed and his front legs are in a wide stance. The bottom and top of the image are slightly blurred, and very dull in color. It appears to be a very cloudy day. The image itself as well as the setting is enough to raise curiosity in the story behind this photograph. There are some aspects of this image that really stood out to me. Typically, when you introduce children to large dogs, or really any animals, they are terrified and do not want to be around them. I can only imagine walking up to an animal that stands taller than you; I would be

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