Dog Obedience Training Research Paper

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Teach Them While Young - Give Puppies Dog Obedience Training Today
By Justin Bryce | Submitted On February 09, 2010

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Expert Author Justin Bryce
While there are many dogs up you can take home, most of which can be found in public shelters, it is highly recommended that you choose one that is still young - a puppy. This way, you won't have a hard time getting your dog adjust to his new surroundings, and you
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You can do this all on your won. In puppies, the earliest signs of aggressiveness come in the form of biting, which puppies normally do as part of play. Your puppy might grip you with his teeth when you play with him and this is acceptable behavior but only up to a certain level. When the biting becomes harder, it's time to draw the line and let your puppy know that what he is doing is not okay. You will have to introduce dog training obedience. You will have to teach him the concept of bite inhibition, and you can do this by ignoring overtures for play the moment his biting hurts or becomes too…show more content…
Reward your puppy every time he shows good behavior; on the other hand, it isn't necessary that you punish your dog when he shows poor behavior. What you want to do is emphasize the privileges and gifts he will receive if he obeys the rules you have laid down. Consistency is key; with practice, your puppy will grow into a well-trained, well-disciplined dog you can trust and be proud
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