Dog Park In Muscatine Essay

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Dog Park in Muscatine, IA I think a dog park would be a great idea for the city. Exercise is very important for a dogs' mental and physical health. Socialization is also another great reason to have a dog park. Its also a good way to raise the property values of a community. I believe that a dog park would be good for not only the dogs, but for the owners as well. Exercise, socialization, and love are the key things a dog needs to be happy. The ASPCA says dogs with no exercise can act out by barking and destroying things at home. My friend had a dog that spent most of the time in his kennel, and she got rid of him because he was too hyper and destructive while he was out. Bad behavior caused by dogs being lonely and poorly exercised is partly responsible for 2 million dogs that end up in U.S. shelters every year. So why not…show more content…
Statistics show that 37% of Americans who own dogs often look for a dog park when choosing a place to live. On the other hand, some people believe that a dog park would not be a good idea for the city, and that it would just be a burden for taxpayers and a lawsuit waiting to happen. Some cities require a owner to obtain and display permits to have a dog off-leash at the dog park, but most people do not do so. Most cities rely on the people respecting the parks' rules. Which means if a dog attacks another dog or person, the victim can legally sue the owner and the city for not enforcing the law. That's why I think everyone should obey the parks' rules or the community should better plan a park so everything goes smooth for everyone. Some people also believe it would be a burden by increasing the traffic and the noise in the area. But think about it for your dog, he or she would be much happier to have a fun day at the dog park. With all that said, I think it's a great idea to bring a dog park to Muscatine, IA. Let's do it for the dogs so we can all be a happy family at the end of the
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