Dog Separation Anxiety Research Paper

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Dog Separation Anxiety - Is Doggie Day Care a Solution?
By Andy Machin | Submitted On June 28, 2014

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Expert Author Andy Machin
Separation anxiety in dogs is surprisingly common. The only problem is that the symptoms are similar to other dog behavioral problems, so it is often overlooked by pet owners. There are no conclusive findings to support what really is the cause for separation anxiety in dogs. But evidence suggests
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This is believed to be the reason why dogs exhibit separation anxiety symptoms such as urinating, defecating, howling, barking, digging, and destruction when left alone.

About Doggie Daycare

Whether or not your dog has separation anxiety, the idea of leaving him alone at home can be quite disconcerting. Although dogs can be excellent guardians of your property against thieves, sometimes they can be unreliable when left alone at home.

Even when fully house trained, dogs can sometimes do unpredictable actions. There are just too much stuff at home that can be broken by a dog's paws and energetic nature. But their owners have their own problems too. In these situations, pet owners can choose to confine their dogs in a kennel, have someone look after the house, or send their pets into daycare.

Doggie daycares offer more than just supervision for pets. They also fulfill the need of dogs for social interaction, and exercise. It is common for dogs to be segregate in play groups according to size, age, and play style.

Daycare for Separation Anxiety

So, does daycare provide the best solution for your dog's separation anxiety? It might, but there are several things you need to consider
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