Dog is Man's Best Friend Essay

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BAM! Dogs, now a man's best friend. The most common pet, thanks to wolves. Now let's go

way back in time before dogs existed. Now, wolves gradually evolved into dogs. A wolf and a dog

are the same species. They also have the same DNA. Hunting dogs are more related to wolves.

Some people long ago tried to breed dogs by changing their features. For example, a doberman

pinscher got most of its tail cut off. Now they have such small tails! A corgi has a natural tail. A great

dane has surgically cut ears so that they are standing up. A scottish terrier looks like it has a beard but

its just that the hair on its neck got shaved off.

After the common breeds got created, the owners gave the dogs jobs according to their qualities.
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Since mixed breed's parents are different breeds, the child has

new traits and characteristics. Most people who want a dog prefer mixes because they have health

advantages. But they also need lots of treatment. Mixes are less likely to many diseases than pure

breeds. People who find energetic mixes even leave the dog as rescue dogs. Before the 1980s mixes

were thought as strange and incapable of obeying and controlling themselves. They were left out of

obedience competitions. So in that case, mixes usually didn't compete. Mix breeds are hard to classify

since they are made of two breeds. Also, their maturity is less predictable than the pure breeds. But mix

mixed breeds also have a higher intelligence average than pure breeds. Also a higher intelligence

capacity than pure breeds. That's why they can learn tricks so easily. Mixes are also preferred because

they are healthier and more long-lived than pure breed dogs. Mixes are also preferable because they

have desirable reproduction traits. One of them is that a mother that is a mix gives better milk and the

second is that they gives better care. Mixes have very unique looks and characteristics. People who

want dogs prefer mixed breeds for the reasons I stated before.

Pure breeds are very nice and elegant to look at. Both of their parents are the same breed. Pure

breeds are very good at hunting, herding, and being working dogs (such as pulling sleds). Pure breeds

represent many attitudes of
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