Dogma Rules Add “Character” to Italian for Beginners

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Dogma Rules Add “Character” to Italian for Beginners Art films are different from mainstream films in many aspects including acting, plot, and setting. Art filmmakers use different techniques to distinguish their films from mainstream films. The movement away from mainstream filmmaking occurred through the creation of the Dogma Manifesto. Dogma 95 was a set of rules for film production that forced filmmakers to innovate through new methods of filmmaking. One such film created according to the rules of Dogma 95 is Italian for Beginners. Although Italian for Beginners does not follow all of the aesthetic rules of Dogma film production, the characters and their stories allow the viewer to engage with the film on both a formal and…show more content…
He conveys these through simple responses, for example, when he shies away from women and the way he carries himself. These little reactions give us a deeper look into the feelings of the character. This looseness is part of Dogma films and the “new attitude toward filming… they shoot not only many takes of the same scene but also improvised and alternative takes” (Schepelern 87). Therefore, the actor cannot base his or her character on the events that will occur. The actor must establish a character and try to evoke emotions. This results in characters that are not typical and predictable. As a Dogma film, Italian for Beginners, was distinct from acting in other films and the predictability of characters in those films. This film was original because the actors were allowed to innovate. The Dogma movement gave actors the freedom and environment they needed to evoke a response from the audience. Mainstream films are also starting to focus more on characters and narrative than in the past (Schepelern 98). Perhaps, in the future other aspects of Dogma 95 will be used more widely. If wide use of Dogma techniques occurs, film producers will look for other ways to adapt filmmaking. Filmmaking has gone through many changes over the years, such as the New Wave movements, Dogma and_________. Writers and producers have looked for ways to make their films standout and they will most likely continue to be inventive in the

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