Dogs : A Man 's Best Friend

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Throughout time, dog’s have been known as a man’s best friend, but they’re actually everybody’s best friend. Your average American family, more than likely has a dog living under the roof with them, causing joy and laughter amongst them all. Canines are known for the joy they bring into human’s lives, but they are accountable for so many more effects. The more you learn about dogs you realize their ability for bringing a great quantity of happiness in one single person. They’re not just the house pet, they become a very large part of any family whether it’s nuclear, blended, or extended, they still become a family member. Canines are notorious for spreading bliss into the hands of others, because of the fact that they love human’s existence so much. Dogs have really evolved overtime in society and in the American culture. More dog parks are being built and most places are allowing the presence of a dog. For instance, most hotels wouldn’t normally allow dogs to stay with their owners in the hotel, but now since dogs have become such a big influence and companion in today’s culture keeping a dog with you in your hotel room is acceptable. Dogs aren’t just loving mammals in society, they have also made a huge impact on people facing depression. Canine’s are known for their loving and playful selves, but what most people don’t know is that they can often be a cure to depression. They can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression. It is proven that humans who have dogs are

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