Dogs : A Man 's Best Friend

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Throughout time, dog’s have been known as a man’s best friend, but they’re actually everybody’s best friend. Your average American family, more than likely has a dog living under the roof with them, causing joy and laughter amongst them all. Canines are known for the joy they bring into human’s lives, but they are accountable for so many more effects. The more you learn about dogs you realize their ability for bringing a great quantity of happiness in one single person. They’re not just the house pet, they become a very large part of any family whether it’s nuclear, blended, or extended, they still become a family member. Canines are notorious for spreading bliss into the hands of others, because of the fact that they love human’s…show more content…
People with dogs tend to have lower blood pressure in stressful situations than those who do not own dogs (The Health Benefits of Dogs (and Cats). “And surprisingly, most dogs, given the choice, will actually prefer human company to other dog company.” Meaning that canines are willing to give you all of their undivided attention as long as you need it. (The New Science of Understanding Dog Behavior) As dogs continue to help you grow from depression, they can help you increase your social skills as well. Taking your dog to dog parks can introduce you to new people through other canines, if you take them on walks or to dog parks. This can become a large advantage for people especially if they’re antisocial. While they’re helping you become social, they’re also encouraging exercise. By wanting to play fetch, and admiring the walks you take with them, they’re showing you a whole new appreciation for exercise. Dogs not only help you grow as an individual but they support you to develop new skills, such as responsibility. As children, you don’t have all right kinds of skills developed, which is how you learn through experiences. It’s been said for families that the right time to get a dog is when their youngest child is five years old, or older (The Association of Professional Dog Trainers). Having a puppy is like having an extra child, therefore, you’re going to want to have a lot of hand on deck to help with a puppy.
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