Dogs Are A Man 's Best Friend

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When it comes to what is important to me, I have numerous things that I am passionate about. Included in that list of important things are animals, but more specifically, dogs. Dogs are a very important part of my life. I cannot think of a time when I did not have a dog as a part of my family. In short, dogs are incredible. They can be smart, athletic, reliable, caring, protective, friendly, etc. Describing a dog is easy for me to do, because I love them. There are copious numbers of people who agree that dogs are a man 's best friend. However, many people have opposing opinions on what dogs can mean to them. Some people are scared of dogs for various reasons. Others, evidently, just do not like dogs; while some individuals have medical grounds to stay clear of dogs. Whatever the reason is for an individual 's opinion of dogs, most likely, an outside form of manipulation helped the individual come to that decision. The objective of this research proposal is to observe whether media plays a role in the negative perception of certain breeds of dogs. Viewers of the media have opened their minds to accept or reject what is presented in the media. Some of the presentations fall under biased agenda setting, so they only receive what the editor 's classify as the “truth.” The significance of this hypothesis uncovers that some breeds of dogs obtain harsh reputations due to what has been shown in the media. These representations of certain breeds of dogs being portrayed as vicious

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