Dogs Are Becoming More Human Animals

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Generally, dogs can be considered as one of the first animals to be domesticated and to share similar environment with humans. Through the years, several analysts observed that dogs are becoming more human-like especially with their behaviors. In many countries, it is very common to see dogs or other pets in their homes. Indeed, people have different reasons why they are continually keeping at least one pet. Among the primary reasons is the reliability of animals that some people find them trustworthy, unlike other people with so many reservations. Normally, pets have the capacity to enter into mutual relationship with their owners. This relates to the most common scenario wherein pet owners are not only providing the sustenance for their dogs, rather, they are also receiving love and affection from them. Most often dogs are serving their masters as confidantes or like personal assistant. Since these species are similar to begin with, artificial selection was able to really shape their behavior in a fairly rapid way to be similar to people and that looking at how humans and dogs interact can give insight into how certain evolved principles can manifest.

Interaction between Human and Dog Surprisingly, humans and dogs seem to have a special chemistry, and it can be observed many times. Several researchers already studied this evolutionary relationship, and they gathered evidence about it. It is known that domestic dogs actually descended from wolves and until now many of
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