Dogs Are The Best Dog Essay

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Josh Billings once stated,&A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than himself.& This statement shows how dogs are truly the best pets, and can be your best friend. In many ways dogs can be an outlet for humans, whether it may be a physical benefit or a mental benefit, dogs can provide what is called unconditional love. Dogs not only have the ability to provide love and affection but they also provide a trusting companionship, many may think dogs are worthless and a burden, but dogs are nonother than the best pet anyone could have.

Most people believe dogs are the best pets, and there are many reasons why they are, science has demonstrated this to be true, two scientifically proven reasons are: mental and physical health aid that they provide. The American Heart Association (AHA) linked the ownership of dogs, increases the owners longevity and reduces the risk for heart disease. Studies from the AHA have also found that, &Dog owners are less likely to suffer from depression, than those without dogs&(Helpguide 2). Dogs can have a huge impact on their owners, they can even lower blood pressure in stressful situations. Studies have even found that people with boarderline hypertension who adopted a dog, their blood pressure dropped significantly within 5 months. By adopting a dog,
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Not only do dogs provide love and affection but they provide a companionship that can only be given by beings that love one more than they love themselves. These creatures can be a huge help to humans either, by being a mental or physical therapists, they can serve as a companion for life and are as loyal as anything could possibly be. Dogs do have draw backs but they aren't relevent because there are so many positive attributes. It just has to be said that, &Handle every stressful situation like a dog, If you can't eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk
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