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I was gone a lot from my wife during my four years of service in the United States Navy. At the housing unit my wife and I lived in weapons were not authorized, But I wanted to find a way to protect her while I was gone. I left months at a time for training exercises, and deployments and I knew she needed protection while I wasn't around. We lived in Virginia Beach which is about 1,700 miles from home, so she didn't have much family around. It was paramount to get something to watch over her and the house. That is when I religiously started researching dog breeds. I was comparing and contrasting each dog. What dogs are too big, too small, even too aggressive, or not aggressive enough. After a few hours, days, weeks of research I found the…show more content…
These dogs aren't overly territorial but they must have their eyes on their owner at all times making sure that the owner is ok. Another great perk about this breed of dog is that it is fairly knew to the United States. The relevancy of it being new to the United States is that the Cane Corso genetics haven't been altered that much by Americans in a negative way. A lot of Americans want the animal to be too big, or even more aggressive, or another big problem is that Americans want the dog to look aggressive but not hurt a fly. Some examples of these dogs who have been genetically altered in a negative way are: The Rottweiler, Pit-bull Terrier, American Bulldog, and most other mastiff breeds that have come to the United States early on. The Cane Corso is an aesthetically pleasing animal to look at, with its short coat you are able to better see all the muscles in this beautiful, bulky yet elegant creature. This is the type of dog you can walk around with holding your head up with pride because multiple people will comment on how beautiful your dog is, and they will be asking you what kind of breed it is. All in all this dog has the perfect balance of being a great companion and family dog while still also taking its guarding duty very seriously. This dog will watch after your home and everyone inside of in ensuring that you are all safe. Another great quality about this animal is how much they love being touched by their human. The Cane Corso

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