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Kyle McCauley
Section B15
Assignment 1.5 In preparation for my interview with Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., one of the most well known financial firms in the world, I decided to gain some background knowledge on the company by doing some research. I learned that Goldman Sachs Group is a leader of the global financial services industry, and, according to the firm’s webpage, provide “investment banking, securities and investment management services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, governments and high-net-worth individuals” (1). The main competitors in Goldman Sachs Group’s industry are JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Citi Group Global Markets, and many more (3). Goldman Sachs
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During the interview, I could discuss some current events and news that Goldman Sachs Group has been associated with recently. One new story is about how Goldman’s CEO is advocating tougher regulations on financial institutions after the market crash a few years ago. The CEO even admitted that this would not benefit the firm, yet knows it is necessary for the survival of the industry (2). After hearing this news, I could ask my interviewer, “So how do you feel about stronger regulations in the financial industry? Do you agree that there needs to be more restrictions on trade?” After researching the professionalism of Goldman Sachs Group, I also noticed the charitable side of the firm when I read about the “Costs of Autism” Summit (2). Goldman leads this summit to discuss new findings in autism research and show how to cut health care costs with autistic children. In addition, the firm provides generous donations to research for autism. In the interview, I could connect the charity work that I have done with autistic children with the “Best Day Foundation” to this generous work Goldman Sachs is doing in this department. Goldman Sachs Group proves to be a strong, highly competitive firm in the financial industry, with strong values and great business principles. After this research, I am now prepared to have a strong interview with the firm.

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