Dogs, Horses, And Cats Essay

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Humans have the need to emotionally connect with their environment. Animals humans have domesticated and lived with for thousands of years have adapted to serve us as our emotional partners. Dogs, horses, and cats have adapted to fit these emotional needs and have the ability to understand positive and negative emotions. This may have stemmed from animals needing to understand their masters to live with them. Humans have developed an emotional need for these animals to relieve stress, aid with depression and autism spectrum disorders, and serve as a form of therapy. For all of these reasons an emotional, psychological relationship was formed with people and their animals. A study from the Messerli Research Institute in Vienna concluded that dogs can differentiate between the human emotions of happiness and anger. Using a touch screen computer, the dogs used in the study were shown various faces (Muller 2015). The top halves of the human faces were shown to half of the canine subjects, while the other half of the dogs were shown the bottom portion of the human faces (Muller 2015). A treat was given to the dogs if the selected the faces expressing happiness. To receive the reward, another group of dogs had to select the faces that displayed anger. Unlike the first group of dogs who had to choose the happy faces, this group of dogs was more unwilling to make a selection (Muller 2015). This proved the dogs were able to make a distinction between the human faces displaying
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