Dog's Whiskers Research Paper

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Did you know your dog’s whiskers help them “see” in the dark. It’s not quite night-vision or a super power, but those whiskers pick up on even subtle changes in air currents, providing your pup with information about the size, shape, and speed of things nearby. This allows your dog to better sense approaching dangers or prey — even at night.

Once our family had some dogs. Then couple years later we decided to get rid of them. Then we got a little terrier named Luna. Luna was about 8 weeks old. We played with her all the time. Luna was white, tiny, cute, and smart. Then about 2 months later, we went to our moms. Then we came home, and we see a little pup, and it was a(n) American and old English bull dog named Buster. Buster was 7 weeks old.
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