Doing Business Ethically Or Wrong?

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Doing Business Ethically Imagine this scenario, you wake up one morning excited about buying a car! When you get to the dealership you 're approached by Mike, the sales man. After a three hour search he finds a bank willing to help you finance the vehicle. Other major banks would not give you a loan because of your credit score and history. In his head, Mike knows that based on your income and credit report you’re not capable of making a monthly car payment but for the sake of meeting his quota and the commission he searches for a bank that would give you a loan and sell the vehicle to you. Was Mike wrong? Some would say that he was just handling business and he is not responsible for monitoring what you can and cannot afford monthly. I want to explore what it means to do business ethically. Your morals are the distinction between right and wrong behavior. Normally a person is raised with their moral instilled into them. You learn what they are from your family or anyone who has a great influence on your life. The idea of what is morally right or wrong is relevant to the person and situation. Businesses are created by people and all businesses have a purpose or mission which is almost always to turn a profit. No legal business entity vowels to openly steal or get over for the sake financial and personal advancements. Certain businesses are known to have no morals with the sole purpose of making money and personal advancement, business like the drug business. But then
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