Doing Business in India

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BUAD 526: International Management October 12, 2009 Doing Business in India The seventh largest country in the world and the second most populated country in the world is located in South Asia. This country is known as India. India consists of different states which speak different languages. Hindi is considered to be the official language by the government. India has different cultural beliefs, values, religions, and politics that allow it to stand out from its neighboring and surrounding countries. India also sets itself on different standards in regards to handling business. When handling business in India, English is the language used. More Americans are seeking to do business in India. This paper will explore the different…show more content…
Women should always dress conservatively. Public displays of affection are inappropriate, so a man should never kiss a woman in public. When pointing, a single finger should never be used. In India they use their chin or their full hand to point. During the meeting there will be an exchange of business cards. When you take a card from someone, pause to look at it first before putting it away. When giving or receiving the card use your right hand at all times. The left hand is considered to be unclean in India. When you are invited to the home of an Indian, it is customary to remove your shoes. No one shall begin to eat until the host starts eating or asks everyone to begin. The right hand gesture should also be done when eating. You should not touch your food or even tear your bread with your left hand. It is not necessary to take a gift to the host’s house at which you have dinner. When receiving a gift it is not customary to open it in front of the givers. You should open it after they leave the room. Things do not operate the same in India as they do in the United States. Doing business in India requires a focus on an understanding of its culture and business background. They deserve to feel as if you care about how they do things in their country. You should learn and adapt to the differences in conducting business. Even though these traditions may not apply to everyone you meet, they are good to
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