Doing Business in Saudi Arabia Essay

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International Business
Saudi Arabia’s Dynamic Culture

Introduction The American way of business differs from many other countries across the world. Each company has their own set of tactics that they use to close big deals. Businesses from Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, tend to do things a bit differently. They take pride in getting to know the individuals from the other company before even disclosing any information to them. Meetings sometimes take place in less than formal locations such as coffee shops and cafes. The religious and social differences between the United States and Saudi Arabia make it challenging for Americans, unaware of the way of Saudi life, to do business there. They may experience cultural shock or even
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(Martinez-Carter).’ When doing business internationally, it is important to consider how businesses operate within their culture. In western societies such as our own, businesses tend to be deal-focused where people are more task-oriented. “Independence and personal initiative characterize U.S. communication style because the U.S. work culture is very outcome-oriented (Martinez-Carter).” Saudi Arabia, on the contrary, follows a relationship-focus culture, where people put dealings with friends ahead of business dealings. In Saudi Arabia they are part of a “family-centered society where trust of others is highly correlated with the degree of familiarity with them (Daniels 48).” It is uncommon for businesses here to take a long time to decide if they will partake in a business transaction. “Patience is important when conducting business in Saudi Arabia since decisions are made slowly and in a bureaucratic manner (McLaughlin).” The relationship-focus businesses will not be so quick to conduct a business deal. They would rather take the time and learn about the business and individuals they are dealing with.
The deal-focused businesses like to get right to business with as little time wasting as possible. It can not be determined that one is better than the other. However it is more reasonable to follow what your culture defines as more common. The Saudi way of life is based around religion and family. There are
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