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Just recently the Miss C-I Court visited Gillette Children’s Hospital. While we were there I met a mother of a child visiting the hospital for her daughters check-up, after the surgery she just had. The mother and I got to talking about life and the crazy things that can happen unexpectedly, when she started to cry. I asked her why and she proceeded to tell me how thankful she was for the Miss Crosby-Ironton Court for volunteering our time to play with the children. At this point I started tearing up as she continued to explain how she didn’t get to choose her life. She didn’t get to choose to have her daughter be in this position, but we girls got to choose to be there and help out. When she got done talking, it reminded me why I love…show more content…
It’s crazy how offering your service can teach you certain things you never knew before. Of course there is still a lot more putting yourself out there can do. You definitely meet a lot of new people and strengthen friendships. When I was at the hospital I met this little girl named Ella and she was in third grade. The first thing she said to me was “I’m bilingual,” I couldn’t help but laugh. She taught me how to say “How are you,” in Chinese, even though when I said it, it didn’t sound nearly as cool. I learned that Ella was adopted when she was two and had a friend who just got stitches on her forehead, because she hit her head while playing one of the games they made up. All while I was with Ella, Jessica and Kari were with two other kids coloring. Later that day Jessica and Kari shared their stories they had had with the two kids and it was remarkable to hear how good they felt inside. When they explained their feelings, it was crazy how we bonded and came closer together as, not only as sister-queens, but friends. Volunteering not only helps create and strengthens friendships, it also is good for your mind and body (Volunteering and). Volunteering can boost your self-confidence, self-esteem, and life gratification. Doing good for others and the community creates an impression of accomplishment, which makes you feel good about yourself, which then boosts your self-assurance. According

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