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What is going well?
Life is going well in general. My grades are very good and for taking six classes in order to graduate, I have not gone mad yet. Fingers cross that it stays that way. My mother is doing well in school. We are competing on who has the highest GPA at the end of the term. We do this every semester….and she always wins. BUT, this semester it’s my time and I will get the highest GPA and I won’t have to do dishes for a month.
Please share at least TWO things you are celebrating this semester
The two things that I am celebrating this semester is graduating at CF with my AA in Early Childhood Education at the end of this semester (YAY!) and my mother graduating with her Master’s in Education. We also celebrated my boyfriend’s brother who graduated from UF with his Master’s
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The thing that I can improve upon in this class is making sure I double check the rubric every time before I submit an assignment. I’m not perfect and I do make mistakes but using the rubric and checking my work before submitting each assignment will not only benefit my education but my grades as well.
How will you make those changes, to ensure success? Can I help?
I think you have helped a lot by reminding us in our comments to make sure to check the rubric. I can improve checking the rubric and making sure I don’t miss anything by making a check list and crossing off each item. That why I can keep track and I’m meeting all the criteria.
What are your suggestions to improve our class? Please be specific; I value your feedback and I make modifications, as permitted, based on your suggestions.
In my opinion, I don’t think this class needs any improvement. Everything is well organized and I love the fact that you have the option to work ahead. I wish all online professor were like that and not opening one assignment every other day. Over all, I think this class is very informative and it correlates with the textbook very
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