Dollar Behave Club Analysis

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Burma Shave and Dollar Shave Club are alike in a lot of ways when it comes to the historical perspective. They both utilized popular media at the time. Also, one utilized a clean rhyme, and one utilized humorous analogies, in that way they are different. A clean commercial doesn’t always gain attention and Dollar Shave Club knew that. Each campaign reached their target audience in a way that was popular at the time. Burma Shave put road signs up on Route 66, a highly traveled country highway at the time. Whereas Dollar Shave Club posted their campaign videos on YouTube because it has a huge mass audience. Based on my research, I would have to say that the Dollar Shave Club was more groundbreaking for its time because a lot of companies hadn’t jumped to YouTube for commercials yet, also no one had thought of having a monthly subscription for razors, whereas women already had subscription boxes for clothes, makeup and more.…show more content…
It is a great commercial to me because I grew up adoring Steven and Aerosmith, so it was awesome to see him in a commercial for a candy that reminds me of the days where I was introduced to his music. I wouldn’t say I learned anything from the campaign, other than Skittles is obviously trying to broaden their demographic range with this commercial. I really feel Skittles was marketing to the 30+ male and female rocker demographic. So yes, I do feel specifically targeted by this particular
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