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Running Head: DOLLAR GENERAL 1Dollar General StrategiesGlenda ReeseManagerial Marketing BUS 620Professor Mary WrightJuly 8, 2012 DOLLAR GENERAL 2 Dollar General Strategies Two important strategy concepts that need to be implemented for successful marketing within a business are market segmentation and a generic marketing strategy. Market segmentation is defined by Mullins & Walker, Jr. (2010), as the process by which a market is divided into distinct subsets of customers with similar needs and characteristics that lead them to respond in similar ways to a particular product offering and marketing program (p.180). Generic market strategy is based on three strategies, one of which applies dominantly more than the other two in a…show more content…
These price comparisons depend on which region the customer is from, but these prices are very close to the situation at Imboden Arkansas (¶2). Alexander’s list covers more price comparisons, but these three items alone show a savings of $3.09 to the customer. Customers The customers of Dollar General come in all ages and both sexes, but the majority entering Imboden’s facility are women. Approximately 80-85 percent is female. The income level for the customers at this facility is from low-, middle, and fixed incomes. This was determined from observation and knowledge of the people entering the store. Most of the customers observed lived within a three to five mile radius of the store. Almost half, about 40-45 percent, of the visitors were over the age of 55 years. Furthermore, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (2011) says approximately one-fourth of the customer save a less than $20,000 per year income. Location The Imboden store is located on the West side of the small town. This places the facility about five miles from the next town if one is traveling west, about eight if going east, and about25 if going north or south. The stores location makes it a very convenient place for people to access for items used on a frequent basis. The

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