Dollar Tree : An American Chain Of Discounted Items

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Dollar Tree is an American chain of discounted items in many varieties that sells for$1 or less. They are the largest single priced retailer. Dollar Tree carries items that are used as consumable, variety categories and seasonal. You can shop at any Dollar Tree and find items such as health and beauty care, household consumables, home decor, office and school supplies, party supplies, toys, floral supplies, kitchenware and cutlery, and seasonal merchandise, paper products and chemicals products, candy, food and frozen and refrigerated foods, and soft lines. Dollar Tree has everything you need for every day, every holiday, and every occasion. Dollar Tree is so large that they have a total of 4,992 stores in the 48 States and has 10 distribution centers across the US. There is probably a Dollar Tree right down the road from where you stay. Dollar Tree is very considerate of their customers. They want to make sure that when the customers come into the store to shop that they are having fun while doing so. They understand about placing their customers’ and shareholders needs and want first to better position themselves in the future and to keep ahead of their competitors. Dollar Tree has a strong market position because it is the largest single priced retailer that makes as strong as they are, and with the integration of the Family Dollars stores, Dollar Tree future is looking mighty bright. Dollar Tree wants to continue to improve in their sales year after year. After the

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