Dolls House: Themes And Theatrics Essay

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Ever since "A Doll House" first came to the stage in the 1880's, critics have argued vehemently about the Ibsen's intentions while writing the play, and the ambivalence over the play confused not only the plays but also the audience: while some patrons praised the play, others stormed the stages in protest of Nora's abandonment of her family. The difference of opinion ranged so far as to incite patron who, after reading reviews of the play that objected to the dialogue in the play, did not hear objectionable dialogues to accuse directors of censorship while in fact "not a word has been cut" and "the text they found so innocent contained every one of the enormities denounced by the critics" (Archer 20). Aware…show more content…
Not only the information about the loan break the appearance that the money for the trip came from Nora's father, the news also shatters the illusions that Nora and Torvald have a perfect marriage and their home stands free from debt. Possibly the lights could be made a shad dimmer on the house to show that the perfect image of the home and the family which lives inside is quickly eroding.
Nora proves to be a very crafty "squirrel" indeed: further proof of hidden reality occurs when Torvald accuses Nora of "throwing money around" (Ibsen 601). Because he is kept in the dark from Nora's secret that she uses some of the money to make payments on the loan she took out, Torvald mistakenly characterizes Nora with prodigality and compares her to a "spendthrift" that "use up a frightful amount of money" (Ibsen 602). To him, all the money he gives Nora simply disappears into the house along with "all sorts of foolish things" and she just keeps coming back for more (Ibsen 602). To Torvald, it is inconceivable that his little skylark would ever go against his wishes. Not only does this scene portrays yet another contrast of reality with facades, it also underlines the important position money occupies as a central theme in this play.
"A Doll House" contains abundant references to money and numerous scenes in which exchanging of

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