Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen

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Henrik Ibsen wrote the book, Doll’s House, in the late 1870s about the life of the common woman in Norway during the 1870s. The book gave society an inside of look of the life women in general. Woman during this time were oppressed and men were contemptuous towards women. Women that opposed their husband were considered mentally insane and sent to a mental institution. The book is about a domesticated woman named Nora. Nora lives in a house with her husband and their three kids. Nora main job to take care of herself in order to maintain her beauty. Torvald becomes sick and they do not have the money to take him to southern Europe, which is the only place here he will get better at. Nora is the only one that knows her husband is in a life threatening condition. Nora borrows the money from the banker, who is old time classmate of Torvald. The banker's name is Krogstad. As a woman, Nora is not allowed to get a loan from the bank without a signature from a man, and Torvald refuses to get a loan because he does not know his condition he is in. During this time period in history, it was considered rude to tell someone they were going to be pushing daisies soon, so the doctor tells the person closed to them at the time, which for Torvald's case is Nora. Nora forges her father's name on the bond, how died days before the bond as signed. The book, Doll's House, deals with the aftermath of the situation Nora is no in. Krogstad blackmails Nora until the end of the play when her
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