Dolly Analysis Essay

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The most influential and complicated character in Tim Winton’s Cloudstreet is Dolly Pickles. Dolly has the ability to inflict a variety of emotions in the reader. Due to her persona to be a ‘slut,’ alcoholic and a bad mother there are strong negative emotions invoked however as Dolly’s representation drastically changes the audience feels pity and sorrow for her. There are various symbols and language features that are associated with Dolly and as a consequence heighten the character’s influence in the reader’s response. Dolly is the wife of Sam and the mother of Ted, Chub and Rose which is the role given to her by society but the way Winton represents her is completely the opposite of societies expectations. Dolly is very promiscuous…show more content…
Tim Winton created Dolly to be a complicated character with the ability to change they way she is viewed and invoke specific emotions in the intended audience. To create an influential character such a Dolly Tim Winton uses specific language techniques to capture her true nature and to present it to the reader. The description of Dolly sets up her character for the rest of the novel, “Dolly Pickles was a damn good-looking woman,” (15). In that one sentence the reader picks up that Dolly is not merely a beauty but a promiscuous one who uses her image to have power over others. The use of the adjective ‘damn’ stresses the point about Dolly’s appearance of being a good looking woman but also it has the conation of the devil. The devil is meant to be seductive to turn people away from right and to make sins which is what Dolly does, she tempts men into having relations with her for her own benefit. An example of this is with Dolly having sex with Lester Lamb to repay the money he lent to Sam to help him out of debt, “Dolly comes across, takes his cup, and kisses him...Was that rape, do you think? He asked... I spose not. More like a deposit on a hundred quid... you’re not handsome, but you’re a nice fella. You got ninety quid’s worth left...” (245-246). Other language techniques used in relation to Dolly when describing her features is assonance,
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