Dolly Parton Is So Much More Than What People See Her As

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Dolly Parton is so much more than what people see her as. She is much more than a “Barbie doll,” that is why I am going to inform the class about Dolly Parton’s early life, her career, and about information that most people do not know about her. Additionally, I want to make the class more familiar with some of Dolly Parton’s most sensible words, which serve as valuable quotes to live by. I want people to know how wonderful Dolly Parton is so that less people will possess negative opinion about her. Dolly Parton proves that there is so much more to people than just their looks.
To begin, Dolly Parton was born on January 19, 1946 in Sevier County, Tennessee. She is the fourth of twelve children of Robert and Avie. Furthermore, Dolly Parton described her family as dirt poor, which is expressed in her song “A Coat of Many Colors” (Perone, James). From the start, music was extremely important to Dolly Parton. She first started performing in Church with her family. It has even been noted that she, “…loved performing since [she] was big enough to wrestle [her] little brothers and sisters into sitting long enough for [her] to sing them [her] latest musical masterpiece.” Also, as a child she sang on the local radio and television program in Eastern Tennessee. At the age of thirteen, she recorded her single “Puppy Love” and appeared at the Grand Ole Opry. You know that someone is going to go far in life if they are that young and have already accomplished what most wish they could.

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