Dolly Parton Jolene Analysis

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“Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, I'm begging of you please don't take my man.” This versus is from the classic song “Jolene.” “Jolene” is an original by Dolly Parton, even though, thousands of artists have their own renditions of this famous song. Worldwide, people have fallen in love with the song “Jolene” because of the relatable lyrics of infidelity and Parton’s powerhouse of a voice. The punk rock band, White Stripes, were inspired by the song so much so they decided to cover “Jolene”, but made the song their own by adding their own style, beat, and raw emotion.
Dolly Parton’s 1973 iconic “Jolene” is a tale about a woman pleading her husband’s mistress to stop seeing him because she knows she can't compete with her beauty. Even though,
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The band formed in late 90’s and their music mixed classic blues with gothic punk-rock. In the White Stripes’ rendition of the song “Jolene”, the main vocalist, Jack White, blows the audience away with an emotionally, gut-wrenching performance. White’s raspy high pitched voice coupled with multiple voice cracks brings audience members to the brink of tears. Between every high pitched “Jolene”, White’s desperation and heartache is unmistakable through his emotional delivery of this iconic song. The audience can relate to his heartbreak with each note he powerfully executes. White wasn’t in perfect pitch throughout the entirety of his performance, but his off-pitch voice is thick with emotion which makes his rendition uniquely different from the Parton’s…show more content…
They have endured years of practice in order to perfect their voices and create their own unique style of singing. Parton’s perfect-pitch delivery of “Jolene” showed that she definitely practiced her vocals and body movements. However, in White’s rendition of “Jolene”, his intense, raw emotion oozes from every note he belts out. White’s raw performance of “Jolene” creates a depressing and tragic undertone. White’s passionate performance is obviously rehearsed, however, his raw emotions of anger and despair seem to be an unconscious
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