Dolomites Research Paper

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Major Features: Europe has mountains all over the continent, such as an ancient one in Greece called Mount Olympus. Mountain Olympus is a mountain that is located in the Olympus range, but its elevation is pretty low for ranging up to 9,753ft. In Switzerland there is a mountain called Weisshorn. This mountain has a major peak with an culminating at 4,506 above sea level and its elevation is 14,783ft. One more mountain I would go see is iin Northwestern Italy called Dolomites. This mountain forms a part of the Southern Limestone Alps (or a high mountain, especially a snow capped one) and it extends from the River Adige in the west to the Piave Valley in the east and this mountain's elevation is 10,968ft.Europe also has pretty interesting lakes around such as Lake Balaton in Central Europe. This is one of Central Europe’s largest lakes that provides fresh water, the length of the lakes is 47.85 miles. Between the border of Estonia and Russia is a lake called Lake Peipus. This lake is the fifth largest lake in Europe and is the
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This hedgehog is generally common, it is a well known species, and it is a favorite in European gardens for it’s appearance they mostly eat on slugs, earthworms, beetles, caterpillars, and other insects. Another European animal is known as a European mole, common mole, or the northern mole. The European mole lives in an underground tunnel system, they live in those underground tunnels so they can hunt their prey. They mainly eat earthworms, they also eat insects, centipedes, they even eat mice and shrews. The climate is a cool summer humid multicultural. This climate is mostly categorized in Central and Eastern Europe, this climate is mostly found in Main and Michigan. But in Western Europe, their summers are mild, but the winter is colder and snowfall is a common
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