Essay about Dolores Huerta. Women and a Hero

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In countless circumstances, especially in the work force, there are oppressors and there are those who are oppressed against. If one chooses to permit the act of being demoted upon then they will continue to be underestimated and continue to be mistreated. For those who are petrified of speaking out regarding unjust situations they endure, there are people that are willing to promote and try to stop the unjust ways people face when working. Generally in the society we live in today, men do not think women are in any way superior or could make a difference; whether that be in politics or the type of profession that women chooses to practice. Certain people cannot comprehend or step out of this negative critical view point they have towards…show more content…
Alongside her father, Dolores at 11 years old, sold pots and pans door to door and watched him as he was constantly slaving for long periods of time in the heat continually harvesting beats, a little at a time to earn a couple dollars, and those dollars which were most likely going to be spent on her. As he faced the dreadful working conditions, he became a labor activist and accomplished getting on the board of the CIO local at the Terrero Camp of the American Medals Company as the secretary-treasurer. Yet Dolores’s father was only on the committee for a brief amount of time due to how blunt and outspoken he was (Novas 160). He wanted to get his point across and explained his point in very rash tones, but even with his rash tones, Dolores Huerta admired her father in attempting to help the union and labor workers, which were the reasons Dolores Huerta pursued activist roles in the community. When teaching for a brief amount of time at an elementary school, she suffered seeing her students come to class with the face of hunger and in need of shoes, she believed that rather than trying to teach peoples hungry kids, a greater impact could result from organizing a union filled with the participation of farm workers, to petition in order to enforce better rights in regarding the way they were being mistreated.(Doak 34). Through experiencing and visually seeing what occurs due to families not having the advantage or
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