Dolph Briscoe Jr: Texas Governor 1973-1979 Essay

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Dolph Briscoe Jr. , Texas Governor from 1973 until 1979, lifetime resident of Uvalde, Texas. The Briscoe family settled in Fort Bend County in 1832, Dolph’s Grandfather Andrew Briscoe signed the Texas Declaration of Independence as well as leading a company of soldiers in the Battle of San Jacinto. He then became the first elected judge of Harris County, Sam Houston appointed him this position. Dolph’s father, Dolph Briscoe Sr., was appointed chairman of the Texas Racing commission from 1930 until 1933. Dolph Sr. was also a very close associate of Ross Sterling who was a Texas Governor and Humble Oil Company Founder. Dolph Jr. was born April 23, 1923, after becoming the valedictorian of Uvalde High School he attended the University of …show more content…

Briscoe’s stint as governor allowed for passing of two major bills, passage of Open Meetings and Open Records Legislature along with also strengthening laws and regulating lobbyists. Briscoe also revised the state’s penal code while in office. However, the Passage of Open Meetings and Passage of Open Records Legislature are his two major accomplishments. “The Texas Open Meetings Act, chapter 551of Texas government code, represents a commitment to the people of Texas that the public’s business will be conducted in the open. It is a legal guarantee of a transparent government”(, 1) ,has to deal with meetings being open to the public. For example, a city council meeting is open to the public anyone can go and watch this meeting occur. This bill helped Briscoe when the trust back from the voters and help voters trust politicians in general coming off the sharps town scandal. It also helped voters get to know what was going on in the meetings that had been not open to the public, allowing them insight into politics that they hadn’t been able to have before. To go into more depth about the bill, the bill, House Bill 3, one of nine in the packaged called the Speakers reform package. This bill introduced the concept of deliberation along with introducing quorum, supervision or control to the meeting definition. In 1973 the act was strengthened by adjusting the portions of

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