Dolphin Life Lesson Case Study

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1) How long do dolphins in captivity live?

Dolphins in captivity can live up to 60 years old, while a study research in the Indian River Lagoon found that in the wild they were living for 10 years. The causes for the early losses in nature are due to environmental stressors, diseases, water pollutance, absence of health care and food availability.

2) Do the dolphins get enough food?

Dolphins at IDC have high quality food available, according to each animal needs. The food is inspected, and carefully prepared, being delivered 3 to 10 times a day, depending on dietary needs, enrichment activities, play time and schedule. The food is also supplemented by vitamins, minerals and hydration. Everything is prescripted by a veterinary specialist, and all the dolphins are weighed frequently to guarantee that they are healthy.

3) How are the dolphins trained?
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All animals are exposed to stressors in their life. However, we try to manage that they don't have to deal with more stress that they are able to cope. In the wild, they can be exposed to extreme levels of stress.

5) How many fishes do they eat per day?

A nursing calf eats 1-3 pounds/day, an adult eats 17-35 pounds/day and a lactating female eats 44-55 pounds/day.

6) Are dolphins fishes?
Although some people think that dolphins are fishes, because they live in the water, they are mammals. They have the same characteristics that we have, they nurse, they deliver live birth, they have warm blood and they have hair.

7) Do dolphins sleep?

They do sleep, but there is no clear rest periods because they are subject to predators. For the same reason, one brain hemisphere sleep at a time, so they can watch who is approaching. The sleep behavior is also affected by environmental conditions and it changes seasonally.

8) How to tell them apart?

Each dolphin has individual characteristics, such as vocal patterns, behavioral patterns, body marks and body shape.

9) Were all the dolphins born at
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