Domani Harris: Social Protest

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Social protest is connected in many songs that people hear today from Hip Hop to R&B music. Social protest is a protest in the world that covers many subjects like from racism to social profiling and many more. Artists tend to make songs with something that have to do with social protest because they will hear something that will actually make them feel some type of way. Many artists explaining their side of the story and how they feel about the chaos that happening in today world through writing music about it.
Many artists explain social protest throughout their own music and explains how they feel about it. Domani Harris explains his side of the story throughout his song “Black Lives Matter”. Harris song, “Black Lives Matter” Harris explains
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The Game song, “Don’t Shoot,” explains the Black Lives Matter Movement and protest the Black Lives Matter Movement. The song explains some of the death of an African American and explaining today society to the people and the younger society. “Time to take a stand and save our future, like we all got shot, we all got shot, throwing up our hands don't let them shoot us, cause we all we got, we all we got” (Lines 7-10) Lines 7-10 telling today society to wake up and stand for the future of younger generation and today generation. Also stating that life is to short just to kill other. Do whatever it takes for the world to be a better place and help each other because we all we got which is each other. “Seen the pictures, feel the pain, scandalous how they murder son Tired of them killing us, I'm on my way to Ferguson, talked to TIP, I talked to Diddy, them my brothers walking with me.” (Lines 14-16) Lines 14-16 explaining the tears of today society and how hurt people are from the pictures to the news of the younger generation. This verse is trying to state that society is tired of people dying for no reason and it is time to take a stand against the ones who are causing the tears of the people and protest to make the world a better
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