Dome of the Rock and Santa Costanza

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Christianity and Islam are religions are two of world’s most widespread religions. Both religions when founded were not accepted by the people of that time and they have faced great resistance. Early Islamic art and early Christian art both are historically important as both are similar in some ways. The most earliest architecture and first such structure from the Muslims is the Dome of the Rock located in Jerusalem. When the Muslims conquered the city of Jerusalem in they needed a place (Mosque) to worship and offer their prayers in congregation. At the same time they also wanted to build a monument that would show the success of Muslims and their religion Islam. Similarly, Christians used to build their …show more content…
It has Quranic verses “Ya Sin” inscribed around the corner crest of the exterior. The Santa Costanza’s dome is simple without any decorations. It has simple brickwork. The upper portion of the Santa Costana seems newer than the portion below as the lower portion seems more aged than the upper portion. It has a circular plan and the windows of the clerestory have a double layer of Voussoirs. The function of the dome of the rock as believed by the Muslims is that the Prophet Muhammed ascension from the rock to the heaven took here and therefore the site was chosen to mark this important event. The dome of the rock was completed in a decade in which Muslims lost control of Hijaz and also Mecca and Medina, and survived serious challenges from religious opposition groups. The location was previously a temple of Solomon and it is also believed that Prophet Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son Isaac on this location. This is why it is so important for Muslims, Christians and Jews. Santa Costanza is also built upon a temple of Saint Agnes and it is believed that his catacombs are somewhere closely under the church. The Christians used to worship their religion and buried their dead in secret as at first they were persecuted before Costinanine accepted and gave them respect and protection.Not until the emperor Constantine proclaimed tolerance for all religions of the Roman Empire

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