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Domenic James Europe in the last 100 years has been a hot bed of much controversy in the last 100 years and has shaped our world into a world that is much different than it has ever been before.I will be focusing on four major concepts that jettisoned us into the world we live in today and those are Economics, international relations ,European relations and to show what these affects are I will be analyzing everyday life in the European citizen .
The economic state of the world has been drastically influenced by the industrial revolution.The industrial revolution started in England in the early 19th century and had mass affects across the world.The industrial revolution started in England because they controlled the largest empire in the
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After the end of the World War II the allies disagreed on how to realign the borders in Europe.They had disagreeing opinions on how to take care of the countries how they should be ran.The major country that had an issue was the Soviet Union.The western allies wanted a democratic system widespread in Europe because what has happened prior in the last two world wars.The Soviet Union wanted to dominate the internal affairs that boarded them.This lead to the culmination of the Cold War that started in 1947.The first major step in this was the Truman doctrine that stated that the United States would support any government that would support foreign governments resisting “armed minorities” or “outside pressures "that is, Communist revolutionaries or the Soviet Union.He then convinced congress to give 400 million dollars towards Greece and Turkey to stop communist invasions.This shows how these countries are being imperialistic in a way that has never been seen before, instead of invading and taking over countries they are trying to implement there governing styles in country because they believe that it is what is best for there country and the ones they are
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