Domestic Abuse And Children Of Children

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Domestic Abuse and Children
Jamie L. Barnes
Texas A&M University- Central Texas

Domestic abuse is a major concern for families throughout the world. Anyone can become a victim of domestic violence and it affects not only the victim of the abuser, but the children in the home. The research sets out to explore the psychological effects of witnessing violence in the home. Children of all ages were studied and it has been found that the children who participated have higher instances of depression, anxiety, anger, confusion and early sexual behavior. The research suggests that the exposure to domestic abuse in the home has adverse psychological effects on children that can last a lifetime if not properly treated. Furthermore, professionals should address any type of abuse to properly treat and break the cycle of abuse. Keywords: domestic violence, abuse, children, psychological effects, cycle of abuse

Domestic Abuse and Children
Domestic abuse is a major concern and one that takes a major toll on American families. Anyone can become a victim of domestic violence as it knows no gender, has no age limit and can happen within any social status. According to the website for Domestic Violence Statistics (2015) 1 in 4 women will have experienced domestic violence at least once in their lives and many times these women have children in the home. Domestic abuse not only causes physical injuries and scars but also mental scaring for not only the victims, but for the…
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