Domestic Abuse And Domestic Violence

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I chose to do the domestic survivors subculture I feel as if it was a great topic to focus on its going to reveal a lot of emotion. Domestic violence can happen to anyone. Domestic violence sometimes called battering is against the law. At first glance, it is hard to imagine why a victim of domestic violence would voluntarily remain in the relationship with the abuser. As you may know domestic violence doesn’t always start off as violence it starts off as in the form of love. The abuser feels as if they love the person so much that it hurts. That the abuse they inflict on the person they love is because they love and care about them. Many victims feel as if no one will believe them. There has been so many cases that have gone unanswered because no one really knows what goes on. The person being abused hides what the abuser does because they think it is something they did wrong or they think the person loves them. Domestic abuse comes in different forms it can be verbal, physical, or sexual. Domestic abuse leaves psychological scars from anxiety due to living in ongoing danger. In my essay you will get to know a lot of women that have survived domestic abuse and their stories.
Meet Lisette Johnson she is a domestic abuse survivor her story started off as her husband calling her names and always talking about her after while it progressed to much more. She feared leaving him because she had two kids and she was for sure she wouldn’t get full custody of them. So she stuck…
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