Domestic Abuse And Its Effects On Individual And Family Lives

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There is a growing interest in raising awareness about various forms and experiences of domestic violence, its effects on individual and family lives. While, statistically females appear to be more vulnerable to domestic abuse, one cannot ignore, invalidate or marginalise female domestic abuse towards males or same sex domestic abuse (Sanderson, 2008, p.21). Domestic abuse may occur in many different forms such as physical, emotional, financial, sexual, economic, and psychological. For the victims of the abuse it is not always easy to accept or reveal that they are subjected to violence. In cases where they victim suffers from other forms of abuse other than physical abuse, acceptance my take a long time. The number of individuals being abused by their intimate partners has been increasing. There are studies that examine individual and social circumstances which affect the ways the survivors cope with the abuse and develop strategies to end the relationships in which they are abused. As well as the effectiveness of the help and support available from various charities and organisations. Most of these studies focus on women survivors as domestic abuse is problematised as an issue of male domination and unequal gender relations. However, there are also emerging studies researching domestic abuse cases in which men are the victims and survivors. This study aims to examine the abuse experiences of both female and male survivors so as to compare the differences and similarities
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