Domestic Abuse In An Intimate Relationship . One Hears

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Domestic Abuse in an Intimate Relationship One hears about domestic abuse a lot in the news or sees it play out when we watch television shows. It is likely that the majority of people know at least one person who is a victim in an abusive relationship. In the eBook “Perspectives on Verbal, and Psychological Abuse,” Roland Maiuro states that “nearly 50% of both men and women have experienced some form of psychological abuse by their intimate partner” (V). In Tod Robbins’s short story “Spurs,” we witness emotional and physical abuse between Jacques Coube and Mademoiselle Jeanne, a newly married couple that had gotten together for the wrong intentions. There is also emotional and physical abuse seen in Graham Greene’s story “The Basement…show more content…
There will be times where the victim’s family and friends do not know that they are getting abuse because they try to keep it a secret. Emotional and sexual abuse are easier to hide because there is no evidence for them to speculate that. When family or friends do suspect abuse, the victim has a habit of lying by making up stories that they fell on accident or pumped into something to cause the bruise. Love ones will get suspicious when they continuously see marks on the victim’s body. The victim may come clean and tell the truth but will state that they deserved the abuse because they did not do what was told of them and the victim will reinsure their love ones that the perpetrator loves her. From the story “Spurs,” Jacques and Jeanne get married when Jeanne finds out that Jacques inherited money and land from his uncle that recently passed away. Not long after the wedding, Jeanne brings emotional abuse into the relationship by calling Jacques names like “little ape” (Robbins 166). Since Jacques is a dwarf, Jeanne thought it would be easy for her to take advantage of him. Emily Lund and Marilyn Hammond stated, in the article “Single-Session Intervention for Abuse Awareness among People with Developmental Disabilities,” that people with “disabilities are at elevated risk for abuse compared to their counterparts in the general population” (100). Now that Jeanne was abusing
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