Domestic Abuse in American Colleges

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After high school, many parents are excited to send their children to college. They send them to schools like Hampton, Harvard, and Yale to get the best college education possible. With this in mind, a loving father is also aware that his little girl is growing up and going to find love soon; but what he doesn’t expect is that his beautiful, precious daughter might be the next victim of domestic violence on a college campus. Over the last year, reports of domestic violence have dramatically grown on the college campuses of this country. Nearly one-third of college students report being physically assaulted by a partner they have dated in the previous 12 months (cite!!). Domestic violence impacts a women’s mental , physical, …show more content…
According to the Hampton facts and information page, Hampton University has a female population of 3004. If we used Sergeant Flyth’s statistic, then close to 751 Hampton women will experience some form of domestic violence in their life. That could be you, me, or the girl you sit next to in biology. Can you imagine seeing 751 young ladies walking around Hampton University with black and blue faces? According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, in the United States three to four million women beaten in their homes each year by their husbands, ex-husbands, or male lovers. Next is the emotional damage that the women experiences when they are a victim of domestic violence.” I experienced more emotional than physical damage during my abuse” says Sabrina White. Many times a woman has the emotion of shock once the abuse starts. Many women describe it as surreal. “When he first hit me it took me a second to collect all of my thoughts. I couldn’t believe that Zack really hit me.” This was the statement taken from Sabrina White a junior at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Many women at first do not know how to feel when abuse starts. After a few occurrences the emotions of the woman start to kick in. “My emotion started to take a toll on me after he beat me the third time. I realized that day that this was really happening to me. I felt broken... no I felt robbed of my

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