Domestic Disaster Assistance

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Domestic Disaster Assistance Versus International Assistance

Numerous definitions of disasters exist with differing criteria such as the number of fatalities or amount of property damage. This author defines disasters in the following manner. Within a country a disaster occurs when its magnitude overwhelms the ability of the local resources to adequately respond the to victims. For international disasters, the magnitude must overwhelm the ability of the entire country to adequately respond to the victims. The philosophy, mission, and purpose for domestic disaster assistance shall now be compared and contrasted with international disaster assistance. The domestic disaster assistance philosophy focuses on activities within the
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These key mission areas are further supported by 31 core capabilities that are grouped within one of the five mission categories (Fagel, 2014). Moreover, integration between these mission areas is critical for the ultimate success of the Goal and results in reduced risk and increased resiliency for communities…show more content…
Both of these areas advocate saving lives, meeting the needs of the disaster victims, and engaging in preparedness activities. The primary difference between international and domestic assistance lies in their respective philosophy. The domestic philosophy focuses inward, involves a whole community approach, and addresses property protection. The international philosophy, however, focuses on the numerous international actors and advances safeguards for the host county. In the final analysis, everyone would agree that the goal of saving lives is paramount.
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