Domestic Dispute

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| Domestic Dispute | My review and analysis of this case pursuant to developing new policies for the police department. | | Virgil Domingo | 10/31/2012 | Identify, define, examine, and discuss the domestic violence laws in your state applicable to this situation between Sarah and her boyfriend. Compare and contrast property crimes and personal crimes and how domestic violence relates to both. Evaluate victim's rights as they related to domestic violence and social responsibility in your state. Analyze the criminal behavior of domestic violence and describe how criminal behavior is evaluated towards the formation of new policy for social order in the criminal justice system. Compare and contrast the history and the future of…show more content…
Many believe the historical inequality of women and gender socialization of females and males contribute to the root causes of domestic violence. Until the 1970's, women who were raped or suffered violence in their homes had no formal place to go for help or support. Shelters and services for victims of domestic violence did not exist and there was little, if any, response from criminal or civil courts, law enforcement, hospitals, and social service agencies. Society and its formal institutions viewed domestic violence as a "private matter." As awareness and recognition of this problem grew, groups of women organized an advocacy movement that focused on addressing the safety needs of victims and the systemic barriers and social attitudes that contributed to domestic violence. Volunteers established safe havens and crisis services for victims of domestic violence in their homes and held
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